Our Mission

Our mission is Sharing our dream and we growing together into New e-Commerce age, and build up eco, healthy, environment friendly city.

To let the communities to known and understand thier own city better

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Since opening, we have always been to provide genuine quality products, professional customer service and consistent delivery of system at market competitive prices.

We design, develop and maintain exclusive various types of system with high quality of services.

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Our dedicated 24x7 social and technical support team can be reached at Customer Service Wechat, WhatApp and Line. Meet our team to let you known your service status. To keep you up-to-date on any information. 012-314 1480

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On-Line Quotation

This section will provide you the Quotation which is published by the particular supplier. Please feel free to contact particular supplier or download the trial version of software.

ICafe Management System

This system being develop since 1995, when the cyber cafe has just start in Malaysia. At that time management feel very difficult to keep track of the daily transaction, fault and information needed to be provided for audit. There's why this particular system being design and develop to support management and technical person to manage the particular computer.

e-Commerce System

Loyalty Programs allow your customer to collect stamps to encourage them for repeat visits and incentive them towards a reward.


Accounting is base system which is required by every business system. This system being design and develop to link with the other operation system to become fully automation and provided the Financial Report to the management for the yearly Income Tax preparation.

Web Social Media Advertising

Social Media has changed the way people connect, discover, and share information. We provide the social media integration to connect to client or retailer customer via social media networks.

Multi-level Bonus Calculation System

This is the MLM and the on-line e-commerce program which is designed for the particular End-User. Information of the Bonus Calculation and Company Information is private and confidential. The product is the fully customize system.

ERP System

This system is design for the small and medium level company to handle documentaion and financial accounting.

IBe System

IBe is the business computer software which will solution to convert your manual or existing to the better system.

LNK web System

This framework builds for the small and medium level business to provided the better processing and flow for the end-user.

  • Step1 Member or Customer

  • Step2 Marketing Distributor and Agent

  • Step3 SA, Programmer and Designer

  • Step4 Training / Guide