“www.myecity.com” is using PUSH strategy to let the communities to known and understand their own city better, and known what is around us, with better choice and which is best suitable with him / her. We are linkage all the merchants and products into new commerce platform, and deliver essential information to our member. based on

Business-Critical News and Information.

Optimize Data with Advanced Features and Integrated Into Your Workflow.

Extend the power of Factiva content to the portal or CRM. Our advanced tools and data specialists ensure a seamless integration into any platform or application, including XML feeds, widgets, APIs and historical archives.

We are providing smart e-commerce platform in your palm, seen our technology age is moving toward smart tablet.

Sharing our dream and we growing together into New e-Commerce age, and build up eco, healthy, environment friendly city.

To design, develop and sell high quality and affordable on-line System.

To operate the business with high motivation and deep commitment.

To maintain a committed and satisfied clientele.

We offer a high-income opportunity with an extensive bonus program connected to the best lifestyle awards. We offer our member a one time opportunity to profit from holding the two of the hottest and most innovative products in the emerging market.

Our History

  • 2000-Oct
  • Becoming a leading Cyber Management Software to intergate with the Win95, Win98, window me and XP. To Control the operation of PC and keep track of all the operation start time and end time of all the client PC

  • 2002-Mar
  • We are moving toward new on-line service at web site http://www.myecity.com to advertise, support and promote our company to be more popular and well known.

  • 2004-Jun
  • We are developing ploter and platform to allow the Company (Our Client) to monitor and manage all the retails and outlets around the world through the internet technologies.

  • 2005-Jan
  • with the help of Figure Recognize System in US and Korea, we are now providing Figure Recognizing Attendard System to most our clients. To help HR department to record, manage, calculation of OT and wages in the most effective and efficient way. This have making the payroll system faster and accuracy. This also improved all the staff displine, arguments and punctuation.

  • 2006-Feb
  • We are launching our 1st On-Line and direct reward system in asp and php platform, which is able to support direct, daily, weekly and monthly reward

  • 2010-Oct
  • We are launching our 1st e-Commerce with e-wallet and token advance secure transfer On-Line System in asp, aspx and php platform, which is able to support point transfer, bid and asking price